Melitta® c35

The fast and precise fully automatic coffee machine for fresh milk coffee specialities.



Melitta® c35 - Farbdisplay

Color display

Large, individually programmable touch-screen TFT color display.

Customized background images allow specific customer information, e.g. in self-service mode, and make the Melitta® c35 an ideal sales promotion partner.

Melitta® c35 - Höhnverstellbarer Auslauf

Height-adjustable outlet

The combined outlet for coffee and coffee specialities is made from top-quality stainless steel and can be freely adjusted to any height. A stable catch ensures a firm – yet always adjustable – height setting.

Melitta® c35 - Abnehmbarer Bohnenbahälter

Removable bean containers

One or two transparent and easily refi llable bean containers – each holding up to 1.3 kg – for one or two different coffee blends (e.g. schümli and espresso).
The bean containers can be easily detached, making them quick and simple to clean – even in the dishwasher.



Melitta® c35-mcs/is - Milchkühlschrank - Kakaomodul

Melitta® c35-mcs/is

Milk cooler/
integrated chocolate module

The chocolate module, available as an optional extra, offers enough room for 4 litres of chilled milk and up to 2 instant drink containers.

Melitta® c35-cw - Cup warmer

Melitta® c35-cw

Cup warmer
Cup warmer with three heated storage areas holding approx. 80 cups.

Melitta® c35-mcu - Milk cooler underneath

Melitta® c35-mcu

Milk cooler underneath
The 15 cm wide add-on module can store up to 4 liters of cooled milk and features a level monitoring and empty status detection system.

Melitta® c35-mcs - Milk cooler

Melitta® c35-mcs

Milk cooler
The 15 cm attachment model including filling level monitoring and empty status detection has room for 4 litres of cooled milk.

Melitta® c35-mc - Milk cooler

Melitta® c35-mc

Milk cooler
Milk cooler for one or two types of milk (optional).
1 type of milk – 9 litres milk
2 types of milk – 2 x 4 litres of milk

Melitta® c35 - Abrechnungssysteme

Melitta® c35 Payment systems

Payment systems
Accessory modules with integrated payment system to connect on one or two machines. Suitable f
or all modules without steam.
Electronic coin mechanism or electronic card scanner on demand.

Melitta ® c35 Videos

Melitta® c35 - Image Video

Melitta® c35 - Weekly Cleaning

Melitta® c35 - Steam

Melitta® c35 - Daily Cleaning

Sales & Planning

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